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the English speaking congregation of Harvest Church of New York (HCNY). We passionatly seek to raise and disciple young believer into leaders that will lead and minister others into the family of Christ through example and way of life.

Upcoming Events

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    8-10 Mar, 2019


    Restoring hope in a broken world

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    5 Apr, 2019

    Praise Night

    Join us in praising the lord at night.

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    21 Apr, 2019


    Easter Sunday baptism

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    21-24 Apr, 2019

    Creation Museum & Ark

    Join us in the trip to the Creation Museum and Ark

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    24-26 May, 2019

    Bread of Life Conference

    Join us with our mother church for a conference.

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    8-16 Jul/Aug, 2019

    Summer Camp

    Bring your children for our summer camp

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    31-2 Aug/Sept, 2019

    Summer Retreat

    Join us for summer retreat

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    27-31 Dec, 2019

    Chinese Mission Conference

    Join us for our Chinese Mission Conference at Baltimore, MD.

Latest Sermon

[ Phil. 2:12-18 ]Feb 24, 2019

by David Nguyen

A message of working out your salvation and what it truly means to be a Christian.


Blog Posts

No Title Sept 5, 2018

by David Nguyen

The greatest battles for our souls is waged in our minds. The adversary is intelligent enough to know that once the mind is conquered the body and heart follows. Hence, it is important that we not only see how the enemy attacks us but to be aware how our own thoughts accuse and can hurt us. Let us take Phil 4:8-9 and reverse it: Finally, brothers, whatever is false, whatever is cowardly, whatever is wicked, whatever is corrupted, whatever is horrendous, whatever is despicable, if there is any failures, if there is anything worthy of cruel judgment, think about these things. As you can see, we naturally tend to drift towards this type of negative mindset. This happens every day for example, we have doubts that God will take of us in the future, or when someone cuts us off in traffic and all we think about is vengeance. The Bible tells us to fight these thoughts by replacing it with right thinking. This isn’t like that nonsense self-help therapy out there. This is the Word of God! If you catch yourself thinking negatively or wrongly, use the Word of God to fight back! If you doubt God will provide, remind yourself of the sparrow passage! If that person cuts you off, recite Jesus’ words to love your enemy and forgive and pray for him/her! Make a practice to doubt your doubts and fight fears and anxiety with the sure founding truth of God’s Word.

No Title (Poem) Aug 18, 2018

by David Nguyen

My eyes flutter open as I rise up from sleep, in a brief moment all my thoughts come crashing in a torrent of struggles, pain and yearning come from the deep “It is hard to face today”, I say, “I must close my eyes and keep my fears at bay.” For the weary, this is nothing new. It happens everyday. Sorrow has been my close companion and refuses to leave my side, Despair and Sadness have left messages for me–too many too count, “How do others have the strength to wake up when I am terrified? Who can I go for help? Where is my neighbor that I might ask?” “Maybe … it won’t help”, I recount. I realize no one can I finally grasp. 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.

No Title July 24, 2018

by David Nguyen

Paul was an exemplary witness to Jesus: He always had a clear conscious before God and man v16 He was well behaved even in front of his enemies v12 He was blameless before them v13 He did right worship and held right doctrine v14 Right doctrine is important and so is right action. That’s what righteousness is. Paul’s life showed that not only did he believe in the right things but also his life was filled with the fruits of what he believed. Brothers and sisters, when you judge a person look at their lives and what they hold as true. It is not enough to have one without the other. Right doctrine without right living is hypocrisy and even the devil has better doctrine than most of us. However, he does not live to it. Right living without right doctrine is also incorrect because without right doctrine one cannot have right actions–for the actions might appear “good” outwardly but the motivations and the thoughts hidden in the heart can be completely wrong. Paul showed that through his life we must strive for both. Let us strive then to be perfect as God commanded us to be perfect as He is — knowingly perfectly well our performance will not be used to secure us of God’s affections since we have already achieved perfection in Christ. Yet, we strive towards this goal as if we were not perfect.